Musik Klier KG

90459 Nuremberg; Germany


In the category Lifetime Achievement, a company will be honored whose entire economic works have been significant for the specialist music retail trade in a special and long-lasting way (also in the traditional perspective). Values such as diligence, vision and entrepreneurial courage are acknowledged. 

The enterprise we are honoring has been committed in special manner to these criteria, and has proven that family-owned companies have a future in our hard business and can prevail across generations. The company has shown courage in hard times by continuing to invest in the development of the retail shop with an entire range of products, so as to keep on supporting and promoting the active music making.

The founder and owner was originally from the then existing Sudetenland (today's Czech Republic region). Under the many adverse circumstances of the flight and the aftermath of the war, he arrived at the young age of 16 to the Vogtland's Markneukirchen, where he started an apprenticeship as instrument maker.

The desire for independence and autonomy attracted the instrument maker to Nuremberg in 1959, where he realized the dream of establishing his own store.

In the course of time, the small store with its own workshop grew into an impressive business with a large selection of instruments. Whereas at first the emphasis lay on the care and maintenance of instruments, the business areas turned more and more to the additional sales of instruments, accessories and sheet music. In the sixties emerged the first electric guitars and amplifiers.

The company followed this trend, and knew how to be one of the first to continually bring innovations from the music industry into the retail market over the years. The product range was continually expanded. Departments in the areas of keyboard instruments, light and sound technology as well as drums, guitars, synthesizers and studio equipment followed. The company has a total of 40 employees.

To the retail shop belong a music school, an Internet shop as well as a rental for instruments, light and sound technology. The catchment area extends in a straight radius to about 200 kilometers. To the long-term customers belong, for instance, the citizens of Hof, the Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra, the Audi – Factory Orchestra in Ingolstadt, and the State Theater in Nuremberg.

The Award in the category Lifetime Achievement goes to Musik Klier KG from Nuremberg (Germany).