European Musical Instrument Dealer Awards

The EMIDA – European Musical Instrument Dealer Awards are bestowed within the frameworks of Musikmesse to the best specialized music retailers from Europe.

In a total of four categories, international companies from the musical instrument sector are acknowledged for their outstanding achievements with an award and prize money.

With the awarding, the promoter SOMM – Society of Music Merchants e. V. and the cooperation partner Musikmesse emphasize how important all European specialist music dealers are to the MI industry and the fair organizer. All too seldom do these actors take center stage in the MI business. They are the gate to consumers and sell all products with passion, devotion and a lot of professional expertise. They deserve respect and a very deep bow.

Awards Show

The gala for the EMIDA – European Musical Instrument Dealer Awards takes place within the Musikmesse 2020Further information will follow soon.


Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
60327 Frankfurt a. M.

Event location: tba

The moderated awards ceremony and evening program include, besides a reception,

a dinner, also a musical evening program and an ensuing after-show party.

Rules of procedure

The Prize Winners in four categories will be determined from a pool of European top dealers. They will be determined according to the following regulations:

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The Submission Period

The Submission period goes from December 2, 2019 to March 1, 2020. Submissions arriving after this date or within this period, but incomplete, will not be considered. Extension periods will not be granted.


The Award

The Awards will be awarded one time only among all European companies. No cluster takes place. Europe is regarded as a whole and not divided into regions.

The Jury

Management Board of the SOMM – Society Of Music Merchants e. V. 


Category 1 | Special Commitment to Music Mediation

Elucidation/Receiver of the distinction:

In the category “Special Commitment to Music Mediation”, 

a company will be distinguished which dedicates itself to the mediation of music and music classes in nursery schools, schools and other institutions. Moreover, the company stands out for a particular willingness to anchor the music making and the musical ability in the society in a lasting manner.

Category 2 | Best Unique Selling Proposition

Elucidation/Receiver of the distinction:

In the category “Best Unique Selling Proposition”, a company will be honored which succeeds in creating a particular customer benefit (unique selling proposition) in the long term, thus differentiating from competitors and generating a special buying experience.

Category 3 | Best Store Concept

Elucidation/Receiver of the distinction:

In the category “Best Store Concept”, a company will be honored which stands out by a very high rating of specialized advice and an elaborate store concept, adapted to the respective target group. Decisive for the assessment are, among others, customer friendliness, professional expertise, shop staging, creation of experiences, creativity, willingness to innovate and observation of compliance guidelines.

Special Prize – Lifetime Achievement

Elucidation/Receiver of the distinction:

In the category “Lifetime Achievement”, a company will be honored whose entire economic work is meaningful for the specialized music retail trade, in notable and long-lasting manner (also from the traditional point of view). Values such as diligence, foresight and entrepreneurial courage will be distinguished. The prize is not meant to serve as a posthumous honor.